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A Return To Form with Carol Ann & Duncan

A Return To Form with Carol Ann & Duncan

Maddy Slade | 12 May 2022

Our Head Trainer Duncan caught up with instructor Carol Ann in the studio while she was getting ready to film some new rides with LJ. They discussed reconnecting to Ride Remedies during MHA week as well as the release of the new Back To The Bike Series.

Welcome back from your trip! How was Costa Rica?

We had an amazing time but it was not very relaxing with a 1 year old! I didn’t sleep as much as I’d have liked but we ate well, did lots of yoga and got to experience plenty of nature so my soul feels fresh and rested.

Happy to be home?

I know it’s raining today but for me this London rain is lovely and romantic - unlike the rain in New York which always felt like a disaster.

You’ve been at the forefront of some big hitters on the app recently - both Ride Remedies and our New Back To The Bike series. How was your experience of filming Ride Remedies in the studio?

Usually I’m not great at listening and taking in information. Moving on the bike during the sessions was totally different - I feel like I was listening to every word that was said in each of the sessions. It was a new experience to feel tuned in to Ricky’s coaching, the gentle movement on the bike definitely helped - I’d recommend them to anyone.


To learn more about our Ride Remedies Series, check out this post here.

How about Back To The Bike?

Following our Pregnancy Series, it felt right to also help people work their way back into fitness post pregnancy! Lots of the training is similar for anyone who has taken an extended break, so I’m glad we put together a programme for everyone. It felt great to ride through it, having recently experienced a return to the bike post pregnancy myself.

You became a mum last year - how did you find coming back to the bike afterwards?

The actual process of getting on the bike was easier than I thought - luckily it’s my job so I had motivation to get started again, otherwise the impetus might have been more difficult. Now, for me, finding time to work out is a nightmare - I’ve found the shorter 15-20min sessions really convenient, as I currently only have time to grab a quick session when I’m home. Some movement is always better than none!


Any advice for people coming back to the bike post-pregnancy, or if they’ve just needed to take a break for a little while?

The biggest hurdle is starting again. That mental block stops you getting over the physical block of being out of practice. Once they’re back on the bike, most people are pleasantly surprised by what they can actually do. Keep your expectations realistic, set small goals and you’ll probably surprise yourself and do a bit more than you thought you could. If you don’t - try not to get down on yourself, just come back and try again.

What’s the most special ride you’ve recorded recently?

My Blink-182 15 min Metric was a particular favourite because I had Dan (our studio director) and Hinchy behind the cameras rocking out the whole time!

Emo 90s Rock for the win! I’ll leave you to get warmed up and ready to ride - any final thoughts ?

It’s never too late to get back into it. Give yourself a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th chance. Drop off if you need to and come back when you’re ready - we’ll be here ready for you any time.

You can find Ride Remedies on our app homepage this week. Back To The Bike is designed for anyone returning to riding following pregnancy, injury or after taking time off - find this using the Series filter on the app.