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Our world class trainers

Jack Greaves

From the stage to the Apex screen, you will always see Jack giving it 110%. Along with his cheeky personality and trademark quiff, you can expect a full-on dance party as you get lost in the music. Jam it out on the bike as Jack takes you through your workout. Who wouldn’t want to look at that beautiful face as you sweat it out?

It’s not always about being the best, but it is about doing your best when you ride with Jack. We guarantee you’ll finish Jack’s class with a smile as you push your limits and leave with pride. You’ll be taken on a ride like no other with big tunes, big moves and even bigger vibes!

Michael Afemare

Get ready for a party with Mikey as he brings the sass to the saddle. Fresh from throwing some shapes on the West End stage, he’s ready to bring the heat to your living room. He believes in investing in yourself and will help you feel great along your Apex journey.

Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth time in the saddle, Mikey will leave you beaming. Bringing your whole body into focus, you’ll target each muscle and enjoy it while you do. All to a track of RnB, dancehall, hip-hop and the occasional splash of musical theatre! We promise you’ll leave his classes feeling like a winner. You’re in for a battle, but a battle that you can win.

Sandra Martin

Let Sandy take you on a journey as you ride with her and find your inner zen. Feel your body vibe as you push past those comfort zones. Sandy will help you tune into your body and your mind, making the most of every second on your bike. Sandy’s playlists are legendary - you can expect high-octane fun and a healthy dose of RnB in every single one of her classes.

Feel yourself working harder, feeling good but feeling the fight. Sandy will no doubt show you your real power as you battle it out on the bike. Come out feeling like a winner; it’s all you; Sandy will just help get you there.

Emma Cooke

Our Emma doesn’t mess around, stick with her, and you’re in for some big tunes - it’s sure to be a fun and fiery ride. Expect some club classics; think Avicci and Martin Garrix - you’ll feel like you’re in Ibiza before you know it.

With a background in dance, Emma will help you perfect your best moves on the bike as you sweat it out and have the time of your life. She’s a kickass instructor; if you pick one of her classes, you’ll find your focus and commit to push yourself as you ride as part of a tribe. You’ll step off your bike feeling like an absolute champ.

Alex Pritchett

Let go of the outside world, get taken over by the music and let Alex push you to your limits. Expect a focused class that packs a punch; you’ll sweat and smile as you get into the beat. He provides some absolutely killer tunes as you find your groove, think cheesy hits and some spicy bangers you hate to admit, but you secretly love.

Come out on a high as Alex pushes you that little bit harder and you find your inner fight. Your heart will be pumping and your smile beaming when you spin it out with Alex.

Duncan Leighton

Our head coach and resident joker Duncan knows a thing or two about the body and how best to push your limits. As a professional physiotherapist, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands in his full-throttle rides as you set up your mornings with a fun, sweaty session or focus in and climb high into the night.

Whatever your level, be guided with a big smile as he puts YOU in control. Expect dirty dance beats, old school hip hop, and some pop and rock anthems - each ride is like every Glastonbury you ever wish you’d been at! For those wanting to tap into the power of their body and mind, choose one of his After Dark sessions for a truly euphoric experience.

LJ Holmes

It’s all good with LJ. Ride to some pop party classics as she guides you and gets you driving yourself forward, in control. LJ loves the old-time bangers, and you’ll leave her class singing along to songs you forgot you loved. In her classes, you’ll always feel part of a team, but she’ll also encourage you to tailor your ride for you.

Expect to feel proud and ready to face the rest of your day after a sweat session with our LJ.

Laura Hinchelwood

It’s good vibes only when you ride with Hinchy. Hinchy is all about those HIIT style classes. You’ll be challenged with intervals and sprints as you bust through your comfort zones.

Expect a class that’s packed with laughs as you jam it out and sweat it out. You’ll leave feeling ready to take on the world, and a little bit sassier than when you joined. You’ll want to carve out space in your day to ride with Hinchy and her crew. Hip hop lovers, you’re in for a treat, and you can no doubt expect a drum and bass track here or there as well.

CarolAnn van Deventer

Prepare to have fun, have a great workout and get the most out of your ride with Carol-Ann. As a new mum, Carol-Ann offers something a little extra; she encourages you to lead with your heart and go that extra mile, literally. With a background in yoga, she starts and ends every pumping ride with some deep breaths to settle in or let go.

Of course, with Carol-Ann, you’ll always be riding to some killer beats, expect some tunes from the trusty JB, and if you’re not a Belieber, don’t worry; she sticks something in there for everyone.

Francesca Gordon

Lose yourself in the music and learn to move freely with Francesca. She believes in the link between fitness and self-development. If you don’t give up on those hefty hill climbs and challenging accelerations, you’re much less likely to quit on yourself when life gets tough. When Francesca’s not trying out the best new foodie spots in London, you’ll find her at the theatre, either on or off stage; she’s an actress so expect a great performance!

You’ll ride to great tunes, great vibes, and, (in her own words) plenty of dad dancing and bad jokes...You can expect to leave Francesca’s classes feeling empowered and proud of what you’ve achieved!

Ben Stott

Ride for your head and your heart with Ben. If he’s not annoying his new puppy Arthur or smouldering to our riders on the bike, you’ll find him teaching pilates. Prepare for a good dose of healthy posture in his rides as you sweat and ride with precision. The journey will always be geared to leave you feeling good and vibing to his awesome playlists.

Ben likes to keep things eclectic, he’s got a love for all music genres so you can expect a splash of everything in his classes. He’s gonna give you Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Disco, even a bit of Rock now and then, but you can always count on an ode to the 90s, his ultimate favourite. You will finish his rides smiling and ready to take on anything!


Cherry B.

“We absolutely love our Apex bike, purchased for my husband but love being able to set up multiple profiles and so much easier than driving over to the gym as you only need 15 mins to fit in an extra class so much easier to stay motivated”

Absolutely AMAZING - best money I’ve spent

Sarah P.

“WOW! I absolutely love my Apex Bike. It’s sexy, easy to move and looks great. You can use your own phone or tablet and the classes are so inspiring. Would buy again!”

Best purchase of 2020!

Demelza B.

“This is the best thing I have ever bought. It’s so easy to use, a much better price than competitors on the market, and the classes are so much fun! The team behind Apex are friendly and helpful.”

So glad I’ve got an Apex!!

Victoria B.

“Beautiful bike and really fun classes. I’m usually drenched in sweat after each class and feeling pumped. Proud to support a British company and get fit at the same time!”

Simply Brilliant

Will F.

“Apex have delivered a great value bike of astounding quality, and an app that is, frankly, world class....

In short; THANK YOU Apex for delivering a new, fresh, great looking product and a phenomenal experience on it too! We love it.”

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