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This is a bike that looks great and performs even better. Ergonomic, compact and comfy as hell. Hop on and enjoy the ride.

From £699

Apex Bike

Adjustable seat

Allows the user to tailor their 'handlebar reach' position on the bike, achieving a comfortable and safe riding position based on their individual heights and ergonomics.

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Resistance control

Our resistance allows tailored control of resistance up to 30 increments so you have complete control over how you challenge yourself.

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Bluetooth connected

Super fast Bluetooth connection provides real-time telemetry data in-class so you can see your watts output, RPM and resistance level on-screen while you sweat it out.

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Pedals for everyone

Our 50/50 clipless pedals allow beginners the opportunity to start out using their trainers and toe-straps, while the more experienced riders have the ability to clip in with their SPD shoes from the off.

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Enclosed flywheel

Our 4kg enclosed flywheel is light enough to easily move around the home, while providing a smoother ride than traditionally heavy flywheels. Plus no chance of small children or animals coming in to contact with it whilst its spinning.

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Weight holder

Provides quick access to the 2kg weights at the rear of the saddle for use during Apex spin classes and workouts.

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Adjustable tablet holder

Our adjustable tablet holder allows you to secure any iOS tablet device to the bike so you can give it your maximum efforts and make the most of our Apex app available on the App Store.

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Water bottle holder and mobile device contactless charger

Our water bottle holder fits most water bottles and you can charge any mobile device that has contactless charging capability.

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Tech specs

Bike Specification
Footprint 4ft x 2ft
Weight 45kg
Height 4ft
User Height Range 4'10" - 6'.8”
Max User Weight 120kg
Bike Features
Bluetooth Connected
Use your own iPad/iPhone or cast to TV
Secure iPad & iPhone Holder
Phone and Tablet Charging Points
Magnetic Resistance
Protected Flywheel
Shimano Pedals 50/50 for SPD or Trainers
Integrated Bottle Holder
Weights Holder
Wireless Phone Charger
App Details
Only supported on Apple devices - *iOS13 minimum required
Multiple profiles for family use
Best Current Music in variety of genres
Fully Immersive software with in-class gamified features to push you to best of your ability
Stream 100s of classes live and on-demand, anytime
Personalised data and results to track ongoing performance
Real-time in-class leaderboards
Sync with Strava and Apple Health
Monthly subscription £29.99 commencing on date of delivery

The bike that works for you.


Advanced non-slip coating so you can get a grip, no matter how hard you're pushing.


Plug it in or use it cordless – wherever you ride the Apex bike is designed to fit with you.


Clip-in or throw on your trainers, however you pedal our Shimano 50/50’s have you covered.

Designed for homes not garages

We worked with top British designers to create the first smart bike that syncs with home interiors.
It's ergonomic, compact and available in four colourways.

Apex Bike

Minimal footprint

Who needs yet another expensive, wasteful screen?
Just slot yours into our holder and get riding. There's a handy charging point too.

With front wheels and only 4 x 2 feet in size, the bike can be moved into the cosiest of corners.

Animated bike image

Smart, connected, but simple.

Bluetooth connected and WiFi enabled, all it takes is a couple of taps to sync your device with the bike.