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Whatever your mood, groove or goaL - we have a ride for you.


In our Move sessions you’ll ride on the beat as you dance through your workout. We have music genres to match any taste, and include weights for a full body workout when you fancy it.

You’ll be sure to work up a sweat as the instructor puts a smile on your face in the process.


Pop — Old School — Soul — R&B — Rock — Dance — 80s — Classical


In our Metric rides expect to increase your output with hill climbs, accelerations and some powerful intervals. Forget weights and complex choreography, these rides are about you, the bike, and some killer beats.

Metric rides are a great way to track your progress as you watch yourself go from strength to strength.


Dance — House — Hip Hop — Drum & Bass R&B — Pop — Rock — Old School



Ride our Move and Metric sessions in real-time with your favourite Apex Instructors! Watch your numbers soar as you battle it out on our live leaderboards, or just enjoy pedalling alongside the Apex Community.

A-Live is broadcast from our London studio.

Group classLiveExperience

Pop — R&B — Rock — Hip Hop — Old School — Dance — House — Soul — Drum & Bass — 80s

Apex Sessions

We have collaborated with some of our favourite music artists to bring you Apex Sessions.

These stars have curated ride playlists featuring the songs that inspire them, or simply huge tracks they love working out to, helping us to create a unique Apex Ride experience.

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New releases from the biggest Universal artists

Ride Add-Ons

Our +Strength and +Mobility sessions are short, effective and designed to be taken before or after your rides. These sessions target areas that will improve your strength and mobility both on and off the bike - you’ll be climbing the leaderboard in no time!

Floor-basedFull bodyShort & Sharp

Music - Dance - House - Pop - Hip Hop

Ride Remedies

We’ve worked closely with expert Psychology Coach Ricky Gill to create our Ride Remedy Series.

These sessions are designed to help you reach a meditative state and reprogramme your thinking, recharge, and refocus. Each ride is geared towards a different goal, whether you are looking to set your intentions for the day, or increase your self-belief.

For every ride completed, Apex will donate £1 to the mental health charity CALM.


Uptime trance beats

After Dark RIDES

After a long hard day, dim the lights and forget about the outside world as you sweat it out with Duncan in our After Dark Rides.

These immersive sessions, set in a candle lit studio, are designed to refresh your mind, increase your focus and work your body!


Dance — heavy hypnotic tracks

Joy rides

Enjoy these fun, no pressure rides designed to uplift and invigorate. Hide the leaderboard, turn up the music and hang with the instructor - these rides will get you sweaty and smiling and leave you feeling joyous!


Pop — Old School — Dance — Soul — 80s — Hip Hop

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Built to give you the studio experience in your own home, the Apex bike is a serious piece of kit that delivers a whole lot of fun.