The Apex Bike

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Ride sleek, ride smart.

This is a bike that looks great and performs even better. Ergonomic, compact and comfy as hell. Hop on and enjoy the ride.

Apex Bike

Adjustable seat

Allows the user to tailor their 'handlebar reach' position on the bike, achieving a comfortable and safe riding position based on their individual heights and ergonomics.

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Resistance control

Our resistance allows tailored control of resistance up to 30 increments so you have complete control over how you challenge yourself.

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Bluetooth connected

Super fast Bluetooth connection provides real-time telemetry data in-class so you can see your watts output, RPM and resistance level on-screen while you sweat it out.

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Pedals for everyone

Our 50/50 clipless pedals allow beginners the opportunity to start out using their trainers and toe-straps, while the more experienced riders have the ability to clip in with their SPD shoes from the off.

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Enclosed flywheel

Our 4kg enclosed flywheel is light enough to easily move around the home, while providing a smoother ride than traditionally heavy flywheels. Plus no chance of small children or animals coming in to contact with it whilst its spinning.

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Weight holder

Provides quick access to the 2kg weights at the rear of the saddle for use during Apex spin classes and workouts.

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Adjustable tablet holder

Our adjustable tablet holder allows you to secure any iOS tablet device to the bike so you can give it your maximum efforts and make the most of our Apex app available on the App Store.

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Water bottle holder and mobile device contactless charger

Our water bottle holder fits most water bottles and you can charge any mobile device that has contactless charging capability.

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Tech specs

Bike Specification
Footprint 4ft x 2ft
Weight 45kg
Height 4ft
User Height Range 4'10" - 6'.8”
Max User Weight 140kg
Bike Features
Bluetooth Connected
Use your own iPad/iPhone or cast to TV
Secure iPad & iPhone Holder
Phone and Tablet Charging Points
Magnetic Resistance
Protected Flywheel
Shimano Pedals 50/50 for SPD or Trainers
Integrated Bottle Holder
Weights Holder
Wireless Phone Charger
App Details
Only supported on Apple devices - *iOS13 minimum required
Multiple profiles for family use
Best Current Music in variety of genres
Fully Immersive software with in-class gamified features to push you to best of your ability
Stream 100s of classes live and on-demand, anytime
Personalised data and results to track ongoing performance
Real-time in-class leaderboards
Sync with Strava and Apple Health
Monthly subscription £29.99 commencing on date of delivery

The bike that works for you.


Advanced non-slip coating so you can get a grip, no matter how hard you're pushing.


Lightweight, compact and on wheels, the Apex bike is easy to move around your home.


Clip-in or throw on your trainers, however you pedal our Shimano 50/50s have you covered.

Animated bike image

Smart and

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, all it takes is a couple of taps to connect your device.

Apex Bike

Use your own
iPad or iPhone

Who needs yet another expensive screen? Just slot yours into our sweat-free holder and get riding. There's a handy charging point too.

iPad App

Live and
on demand

Hop on for a live class or compete on demand. All rides are logged on our leaderboard, so you can aim for the top spot and have fellow riders keep your motivation high.


How much does the bike cost?

The bike is RRP £1,200 and the app subscription is £29.99/month.

Is there a finance option?

Yes, we work with two financing partners, Tymit and Klarna. Subject to approval, both partners allow you to split the cost of your Apex purchase in up to 36 interest-free instalments. That works out to:

12 months = £100/month

24 months = £50/month

36 months = £33/month

Or three equal instalments of £400 for three months

What is Tymit/How does it work?

Tymit is a virtual card loaded with £2,000 credit that you can spend on your bike and accessories. Once you’re approved, you can split any purchase into interest-free instalment smaller payments, anywhere and anytime you like. Apply for Tymit financing here in under 3 minutes. Pay by inputting your Tymit virtual card number, expiry date and CVC into the “credit card” input box at Apex’s check-out.

How does Klarna work?

When asked to pay the balance of the bike you’ll be given the opportunity to either pay the full amount upfront, or spread the cost over a period of up to 36 months interest-free with Klarna.

Is there an NHS discount/how do I acquire it?

We are offering a 10% discount to all NHS staff and Blue Light Card holders. If you have an NHS email address please follow this link to get your unique discount code :

For Blue Light Card holders, please send a picture of your Blue Light Card to


Yes, but the app is currently only available on Apple / iOS devices. We intend to launch on Android this year, however there is no fixed date for this.

What is the weight of the flywheel? How does this affect performance?

The flywheel is 4kg. We’ve purposely designed the bike with a lighter flywheel to ensure it’s more convenient and suitable for the home environment, plus it spins faster generating more energy than heavier flywheels. The result is a smoother ride while still generating enough resistance.

What type of classes/content will be available on the Apex app?

There are a mixture of 15, 20, 45 and 60-minute spin sessions separated into various styles and instructors (you can also filter by music genre, difficulty level, instructor and weight or no weights). There will be a range of off-the-bike activities available too, including HIIT, Meditation, Yoga and Pilates. We’re also developing a ‘Free-ride’ option for those who want to do their own thing.

Why is the Apex bike a better alternative to other bikes in the market?

With Apex you don’t just get a bike, you get a whole expertly-designed experience. Versus our competitors, Apex is more affordable, more attractive (with four colour options chosen for the in home environment) and has a huge range of classes run by the UK’s top instructors. Our bike was designed in London and all of our classes are filmed from Hammersmith, with the amazing instructors from Boom Cycle. The Apex bike is Bluetooth connected, and our software is built on iOS, which means that you do require an iPad or iPhone to view classes and stats. We decided to offer the bike without a screen because we think households already have too many screens, and more importantly it means that we are able to offer our bike at a more affordable price point. Apex is all about fun. We are building a cardio experience that is inclusive and encouraging - we want our customers to be healthy and feel great. We award Apex Points, which are based on your power output vs your biometrics to give a level playing field on our in-class leaderboards. That means that there is no competitive advantage - whatever your age, size, ability etc.


Apex can deliver and assemble bikes in all mainland locations however our delivery partner, cannot assemble the bikes in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Isles of Scilly, EIRE, Scottish Offshore, Grampian and the Highlands.

Pimp your ride

2x 2kg Dumbells - Apex Green


Apex Resistance Bands - pack of 5


Apex black exercise towel


Floor Mat


Apex Ab & Core Sliders -2 pack


Apex hot/ cold water bottle - black (500ml)


Yoga Mat