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Your Hill Week Round Up

Your Hill Week Round Up

Maddy Slade | 17 Jun 2022


With the massive success of Hill Week last week we wanted to say a huge congratulations to all of you and a big shout out to our winners Louise from Basingstoke and Paulo from London. 

We asked them both how they found Hill Week and this is what they said…



We sat down with Duncan to find out a little bit more about what inspired him to create Hill Week and what he’s got in the pipeline for you this summer…



Our first Hill Week is already done and dusted! How did it go for you?

I had a great time - I think I managed 5 out of 7 at home as well as all my other filming so it was a pretty sweaty week for me all round, but then again when is it not? We had a record number of rides completed across the week, so I’m delighted to see that the riders went in pretty hard as well! Had some lovely messages on our socials, got to see some ingenious home setups (whoever came up with plugging a small USB fan into the USB charging port first, you are my hero) and personally I got to take on some hardcore riders on the live leaderboards most days.

How did Hill Week come about?

I wanted to give us all a little boost as we head into the crazy summer season, and let the community know that even if you’re riding at home alone, we are actually all riding together and heading in the same direction. Everyone’s energy, posts, amazing distances, Apex Points and general commitment throughout the week proved this, and it was very nice to see. For some people it was a kickstart to get back on their bikes, and for some it was a personal challenge to test themselves after a few solid months of training.

Do you think you’ll do it again?

Absolutely - I think we will hit an Autumn Hill Week next, to rid everyone of those post-summer blues.

We’ve also just launched our brand new summer live timetable! Tell us a bit about what we can expect.

With the new timetable, everyone has even more chances to ride a live session - so no excuses as we move into the warmer months! Jack will be waking everyone up with a short and peppy session on a Monday morning, we are continuing into Hill Month with hill climbs on a Tuesday, and Emma is cracking out some of her favourite artists in her Wednesday Move sessions. The Tuesday and Wednesday rides will be streamed again in the evenings with a live leaderboard if early mornings aren’t your thing. I’ll still be there to head up the Big Weekender on a Saturday, which everyone will have another chance to ride again on the Sunday morning if they miss it the first time around. As always we will have some releases every Monday on demand, and all the lives will be available on demand soon after the live ride itself.

Is there anything else coming up we can look forward to?

Lots of fun Summer Strength programmes. Everyone seems to love the Duo Rides, so it seems like a good time to start Duo Strength! Watch this space.

Do you have any tips for staying motivated now the weather is heating up?

Get up early and get your workout done, let it freshen you up after a humid night's sleep, hop in a cold shower and enjoy the rest of your day. Oh, and get a USB fan plug into your charging port - trust me, it is everything.

Well there you have it A-Team! Get those workouts in early and let's keep moving throughout summer so you're ready for your next Hill Week!