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The Apex Story

The Apex Story

Maddy Slade | 26 Jul 2021

We thought it was about time we told you a bit more about our history, the Apex story. We want you to know what we’re all about, and part of that is where we began and where we are now. Our co-founders, Simon and Charlie, have known each other since they were 7, fair to say they’re besties. Over the years, the two have always enjoyed exercise. Working out has always been an important part of their lifestyle. These two believe in feel-good fitness - it’s the best way to start the day, clear out those cobwebs and come out feeling refreshed and recharged.



Apex saw the barriers that come with exercise in today’s hectic life; not only was it challenging to find space and time to fit in a workout, but it was also not hugely cost-effective. Gyms and gym classes are expensive, commuting is a bore, and what’s already out there was becoming a bit monotonous. That’s why we put our heads together and created an experience that recreates the same buzz and community feel of a gym class, but in a way that’s convenient, cost-effective, and accessible 24/7 from the comfort of your home.



Concentrating on spin was a no-brainer. Spinning is one of those incredible, transformative workouts. It not only works your whole body, but it has the power to completely flush out your mind and transform your headspace. The kind of classes that Apex was going to offer was clear from the start - feel-good classes that pack a punch, but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. That’s why we decided to partner with Boom Cycle. They’ve got some of the best instructors in the UK! It’s not only our bikes that make us stand out - our classes and instructors are what makes us extra special.



Designing the bike came next. It needed to look great and serve up seriously addictive, fun and challenging classes. We selected an expert team of designers to create our bike. We wanted it to be sleek and compact, easy to fit into your home, and we knew we would never sacrifice on design. The Apex bike looks great and suits everyone’s tastes; that’s why we designed it in four different colourways so you can choose what you like best. What makes things extra fun is our live leaderboard and Apex Points - you can compete with your family and friends - this really gives us that community feel, which was so important to us from the get-go. 

We didn’t anticipate the pandemic; we don’t think anyone did, but as you can imagine, this past year has accelerated the permanent shift of fitness from the gym to our own homes. Many of our community have and are continuing to discover that Apex has changed their exercise game forever, and how we all think about fitness has evolved. Home is the most convenient and now, with us, the most motivating place to work out. 

We hope that gives you a little bit more of an inside glance of our history; we wouldn’t be where we are without you A-Team!