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Sofa to 60 with Elliot: Explained

Sofa to 60 with Elliot: Explained

General User | 22 Jan 2023

Has it been a while since you hopped on the saddle? Maybe you’ve had a slight injury, maybe you've been super busy, or maybe these are your first steps (or pedals) into your fitness journey. Whatever the reason, the goal for this series is the same: to get you acclimatised to feeling at home on your Apex bike. The focus at Apex is never perfection, but in this series even more so we are encouraging you to just do your personal best. Be kind to yourself and know your current limits but don’t allow yourself to shy away from this challenge…

The ‘Sofa to 60 Series’ is a set of 7 workouts that get progressively longer. The primary objective during these rides is to increase duration. The level and leg speed are taking a back seat for once whilst minutes logged on the bike are going take precedent. Expect low impact rides with manageable leg speeds and lots of seated work in the saddle - this is programmed purposefully to condition the bodies; we need to let it know what we want from it. 

There are 2 rides of 20 minutes, 2 of 30 minutes, 2 of 45 minutes, and an hour long finale ride, as well as a stretch session. One ride will be released each week and we’re recommending you do each ride twice within that week. We’d love you to look after your body and take your recovery just as seriously as the active work whilst on this journey, therefore we’re recommending to do the stretch session after every single ride. If you stick to the program you’ll achieve over 7 hours of saddle time within 7 weeks!

There may be times when things get tough as the jump from 30 minutes to 45 minutes is a big one; to prepare you for the increased time there are moments of increased intensity. Do your best, stand up and shake your bum out if you need, turn down the level if you need but whatever you do, keep those legs moving (ideally above 55 RPM)! There’s something to look forward to as both 45 minutes rides are themed! One Pop and the other Rock for that extra bit of external motivation to keep you pedalling towards the finish line.

If the idea of a 45 minute ride or longer seems scary then this is the series for you. It’s time to overcome that psychological barrier and become one with the saddle. Once you’ve proven to yourself you can ride for an hour, exploring our other rides, intensities & movements on the bike will feel much more achievable. It’s time to create the habitual pattern of setting goals, putting in the time & work and eventually achieving. This series and the programming within it will slowly but surely help to unlock your potential to confront any challenge on or off the bike.

What’re you waiting for?

See you in the Series,