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Ride & Go: Summer Series

Ride & Go: Summer Series

Maddy Slade | 12 Jul 2021

We're introducing our Summer Series - Ride & Go



Here at Apex, we recognise that life is there to be enjoyed. At the moment, doing it all might be feeling a bit like a losing battle. Life has gone from zero to one hundred - every weekend seems to fill up with social events, especially with the endless football matches and tennis to give us constant excuses to be out and about - we're not complaining, we're loving our  re-found freedom. However, we understand that you might be feeling like you're constantly trying to juggle it all, never quite getting that balance just right.

We often feel like we need to nail our exercise routines, work-life, and socialise all at the same time. We're here to remind you that it's ok if you don't quite manage to do everything 100% of the time. We want you to go out and see your friends, watch the football, have a laugh and a few (maybe more than a few on occasion) cheeky pints at the pub - that's ok, we've been locked up for the best part of a year! Have fun, go out - at Apex we want you to work out on your terms, you make the rules. With that in mind curated our Summer Series - Ride & Go.



We've got classes designed so that you can go out and have your fun, and when you need us, we're here waiting for you. There comes a time when you might just need a little reset, get back to your body, back to you - these short and sharp classes will help get you there.

Exercise doesn't always have to be a full 45-60 minute class. A quick 15-20 minutes gives you the opportunity to fit us into your day, whenever you can, and importantly, whenever you want to.

Check out our short, smart rides for your big Summer Vibes:

15 min Move: Summer Boost - Hinchy
15 min Metric: Floor Fillers Hill Climb - Alex
20 min Move: Old School Happy Hits - Duncan
15 min Metric: Summer Warm Up - Emma
15 min Metric: 2000's Ride - Jack

These classes are just good vibes - think Summer tunes, Ibiza classics. Going abroad might be a bit trickier than normal at the moment - that's why we're bringing the party to you - in your living room. Sweat out the weekend, get on your bike and lets get moving team!