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Reaching My Apex - With Rhiannon Bailey

Reaching My Apex - With Rhiannon Bailey

Maddy Slade | 19 Oct 2022

We sat down with Online Fitness Coach & Apex Ambassador, Rhiannon Bailey, whose fitness philosophy is based around consistency and daily movement, because of the positive impact they both have on your body as well as your mind.



Why are daily habits so important to your wellbeing?

Routine for me is everything - especially my morning routine. My morning routine consists of starting each day with movement, writing my gratitude lists and making a nutritious breakfast. These daily habits help me start my day in the best way possible. I'm in a more positive headspace, I feel more confident in myself, my energy is boosted, my overall productivity levels and ability to focus is increased.

If you had to pick your number one absolute non-negotiable habit what would it be and why?

Movement. Moving my body is an absolute non-negotiable part of my morning routine. Whether that be a HIIT workout, a run, or a yoga flow, it truly transforms my mindset, releases any unwanted stress, and leaves me full of positive endorphins to set me up for the day ahead.

Do you have any tips for forming long-lasting habits?

Consistency is key in order to make anything a habit. Not everyday you will feel like working out, or making an effort to cook yourself a nutritious breakfast... but knowing your 'why' behind these habits will help you push through these temporary demotivated feelings in order for you to come out the other side with a stronger and more resilient mindset, a greater sense of discipline and long-lasting positive habits.



What practices would you suggest people could take to get themselves in a great mindset for the day?

Establishing an effective morning routine is key in order to be in the best headspace for the day ahead. If you say things like 'but I don't have time...', I challenge you to have a look at your priorities. What things could you change or adapt in your current routine to benefit you? Is scrolling through TikTok taking up your precious time? We all have at least 30 minutes in our day that we can prioritise for our own mental health. Whether that be through meditation, a walk, or simply just scheduling time to read a book. These small habits overtime will truly help boost your mindset and overall wellbeing. Try it for yourself and see how it positively effects your relationships, your work efficiency, your mood.

Have you always been into health and fitness or was it something you discovered later on and fell in love with?

Fitness has always been a huge part of my lifestyle since the young age of 3 when I started dancing. My background as a professional dancer heavily influenced my career within the fitness industry, although my perspective of "fitness" has completely transformed. Dancing is such a competitive industry. It's all about how you look, if you're better than the person next to you...So when I started in the fitness industry, my focus was primarily on the aesthetics. Over the years I realised how unfulfilling this was and how detrimental this was on my mindset and confidence. The reasons 'why' I move my body NOW have completely transformed. I now move my body for the power of my mind and for how good it makes me FEEL! Through this discovery, I have now developed a strong relationship with fitness, with myself, offering longevity in my lifestyle and daily habits.

Do you have any goals for the rest of 2022 and if so what are they?

The biggest goal is to keep spreading the importance of moving our body for the health and power of our mind to my online community! I am currently working on a project to help people develop healthy sustainable habits for a lifetime. I know the fitness and health industry can be pretty overwhelming at times and it's sometimes hard to know where to start or what to do! Through the power of movement, daily positive rituals, whilst surrounded by a supportive community, my aim is to create a safe space for people to begin or kickstart their health and fitness journey to be their best versions.

Can you describe your morning routine?

I get up between 5:30-6:00am in the morning. I make my bed, tidy my bedroom and then complete my morning movement - this might be a HIIT workout, strength training, yoga, a walk, swimming, a run... anything that my body feels good doing. I then have a shower, take my recovery supplements, and make myself a coffee whilst I write my gratitude list and schedule my to do list for the day ahead. I then make myself a creamy bowl of protein oats adding all my favourite toppings with my second coffee of the day. I am now ready to start my day feeling positive, fuelled, and focused. 

Do you have any wellbeing rituals? I.e. journaling, meditation

My daily gratitude lists and affirmations help me to shift my mindset into a more positive space and achieve a greater sense of presence before I start my day. Whenever I feel stressed or anxious, meditating through movement (a walk outside or yoga practice) or completing 5-10 minutes of meditative breathing, really helps me to feel more at ease.

What does health/balance mean to you?

Health is wealth. It is something we all cannot live without and something that we all have access to achieve. If there is one thing you can do today, is to look at your current lifestyle and see what you can do to improve your overall wellbeing. Through what you do, what you eat and who you surround yourself with.

Achieving the perfect balance is near to impossible to achieve all year round...but it's the small daily choices you make which will ultimately form the life you live.

What is your Apex and how do you try to reach it?

To be happy through the kindness that I give to myself, and the kindness that I give to others. This is achieved through the positive daily actions I choose to take and the memories that I make. "It is your attitude and your actions, not your achievements, that give you happiness".

Find Rhiannon on Instagram @rhiannoncbailey and her website: www.dailybailey.co.uk