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LJ's New - Progress To Press Ups Series

LJ's New - Progress To Press Ups Series

Maddy Slade | 8 Jul 2022

We're focusing on strength this month so we go into summer feeling our absolute best, physically and mentally. 

With the recent release of LJ's Progress To Press Ups Series we thought we'd take a minute to sit down with her and hear about what we can expect...



You just released your Progress To Press Ups Series, who is this series for?

The series is truly for anyone - those who have never done a press up, those who have tried a few but find them tricky and want to know how to get better at them, and those who regularly perform press ups but aren’t sure if they’re doing them correctly or want to pick up some more technique tips to improve their form. 

Do the sessions have to be taken in order?

They do, yes, they build in intensity, and each session works on a particular muscle group in isolation, so that session by session you are building strong foundations in your body that will give you the platform to progress to those push ups. Breaking down work into the chest, the back and the core, as well as practicing just a few press ups in each session means that taking them in order will help you to feel stronger and more confident week by week. 

Can you a session more than once?

Absolutely, and if you find any of the sessions particularly challenging, I’d recommend repeating it until it feels a little more do-able and you feel ready to move on to the next one. For example, the first session focuses on chest muscles, so straight away if this feels a lot, I would stick with this session until you feel your chest get a little stronger, because moving straight on to work the back may be a little too much when you’re not truly ready. Building strength does take time, and I promise you that no one, no matter how fit they are, can go straight into full press ups without working up to them!

In the summer months our social calendars seem to go crazy and routine can sometimes fall out the window - how do you stay on track?

There’s nothing wrong with switching up your training according to the seasons. In the Autumn or Winter it’s a lot more appealing to exercise indoors, so going to the gym, head to a studio for a class or using your Apex bike at home. But if you prefer to be outdoors and take advantage of great weather and light evenings, or if you travel a lot in the Spring and Summer, just a little bit of planning can mean that it’s still totally possible to fit those sessions in. I love being outside whenever I can, so running or walking outdoors feature heavily in my summer fitness routines, as well as bodyweight or banded training in the park or when I’m travelling. I’m happy to get up early when the sun is shining, so for me in the summer, I like to get up early, enjoy the morning light and get my own session done so that the rest of the day is mine!

Any tips on maintaining balance?

Make sure that you actually enjoy your fitness regime! Sounds silly, but for example, if you absolutely hate cardio but keep doing HIIT classes, your workouts will feel like a chore, you won’t look forward to them, and you’re way less likely to stick to them. If you love music and moving your body, try dance classes. If you love being outdoors what about running, walking or open air swimming or paddle boarding? If you enjoy feeling strong, what about resistance training? If you enjoy your chosen form of exercise, you’re a lot more likely to form a habit and routine, and create balance that way. It’s also important to remember that when it comes to fitness, something truly is better than nothing. Only got 10 minutes to do some squats and sit ups? No problem, it’s still moving your body and getting your heart rate up. Not every workout has to be a 90 minute full on killer sweat fest - doing what you can when you can will still add up over time. 

Any tips for working out in the heat?

Make sure you stay hydrated - and not just during your workout, but way before and after. Being properly hydrated means consistently drinking water - not downing a litre when you’re exercising then nothing again for the rest of the day. If you keep your hydration levels constant it will help fight fatigue and maintain energy levels - dehydration can make you tired and lethargic. In extreme heat definitely look to train in the early morning or late evening… or seek out a gym with great aircon!

Favourite workout track this summer?

Break my Soul by Beyonce - powerful Summer vibes!



Well there you have it A-Team! Get outside, do something different, and let's keep moving together this summer!