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Introducing Your New A-Live Rides!

Introducing Your New A-Live Rides!

Maddy Slade | 17 Feb 2022

Hey A-Team!

As you may have seen, we've given your A-Lives a revamp and we thought we'd delve a little deeper into what to expect from your new weekly live rides...

Here at Apex we recognise that people turn to movement for different things. Each of your new weekly sessions provide a different offering so you can turn up each week and know you're getting exactly what you signed up for. 

Each day will now have its own workout theme. This way you can focus on what you want from your time on the bike, plan ahead and know what to look forward to each week.


Smooth Mondays



On Demand From 7AM, Streamed Live at 6:15 PM

Your Smooth Mondays are all about shaking off the weekend and getting you energised and in the right headspace for the week ahead. Guided by our Queens of Smooth, Carol Ann and Sandy, you'll get that fresh start your body craves at the beginning of your week.

You can expect a calm start and smooth beats as you build power and work to your own pace. These rides include weights to pull your full body into focus and will incorporate breath-work to get you in command of your body and your ride. You'll finish with a stretch at the end and head off feeling bright and ready for anything.


Total Body Tuesdays



Live at 7 AM

With some fun fiery moves and a strong weights focus, our Total Body Tuesdays will make you feel alive and energised, surging with endorphins. These rides will feature plenty of club classics, dance anthems, and a few of your favourite guilty pleasures.

Emma's our resident party girl, and she'll bring you that night out feeling on your bike. This is your Tuesday pick me up and you'll be left feeling those good vibes for the rest of your day.


Wednesday Hustle 



Live at 7 AM

Get over hump day with a bang and climb to new heights in our Wednesday Hustle rides. Ben will guide you through your midweek challenge as you focus on peak power and performance. These rides will focus on building your speed and endurance, as well as mastering your technique.

Track your progress and sprint to the finish. Watch your Apex points soar!


Duncan's Wild Weekender



Live at 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM

Part 1 - Start off with a big, bold 45 minute Metric to kickstart the weekend. Clip in and hold on for big points, power pushes and ultimate PBs with our Captain of the A-Team Duncan.

Part 2 - Keep riding into Part 2 as we add weights, fun choreography and a spectacular finish. Expect dance icons, rock, drum & bass and some ultimate classics as you bask in some sweaty glory before you head off into the weekend.


Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog posts where we'll be sitting down with your instructors to delve a little deeper into what you can expect from their rides. For now, add your favourites to your diary, and let's turn a great start to the year into exercise habits that go the distance!