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How To Heal A Hangover

How To Heal A Hangover

Maddy Slade | 13 Dec 2021

Now that the festive season is in full swing you might be feeling a little worse for wear a bit more frequently than you’d care to admit… in case you’re in need of a helping hand to get you feeling back on your A-game, we're giving you our Apex approved tips on healing a hangover so you can fast forward to feeling fresh again!



Alcohol is one of the worst sleep disruptors there is - even if you pass out quickly, the quality of your sleep will be badly impaired, leaving you feeling groggy, grumpy and bleary-eyed.

Catch up on your Zs as much as you can the day after a big night - a proper good night’s sleep will help your body recover faster, it’s the ultimate cure-all.



Alcohol dehydrates the body in a big way, which is why we can be left with some pretty awful headaches the next day. Try sipping an electrolyte drink alongside your water when you wake up (we prefer coconut water) to replenish your fluids.

**Bonus points for being an actual saint and drinking water the night before**



Contrary to popular opinion, exercising when you’re seriously hungover can be a bad idea - so don’t go too crazy! Your body will already be dehydrated, so sweating buckets will make you feel a lot worse.

Light to moderate exercise, however, can help if you like to sweat it out a little, and you’ll also get your endorphins flowing, making you feel more positive and on your way back to your A-Game.



Alcohol flushes certain vitamins and minerals out of your system, such as B12 - as an essential energy-giving source.

As tempting as a Deliveroo might be, you’re likely to feel a lot more sluggish afterwards.

If you can face it, then a nutritious meal post-drinking will replenish those vitamins - the more colourful your plate the better! (but also let’s be real - sometimes a pizza is the only way out!)



Get outside, stretch your legs, and head for the nearest trees, water, and open space - nature really is the best medicine.

If you’re feeling brave, turn the water as cold as you can bear it for at least 30 seconds at the end of your shower. It’s not for the faint hearted, but it REALLY works. Better yet, a cold swim is a hangover game-changer!


We hope these tips will help get you back on track and feeling fresh again!