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How do you define your best?

How do you define your best?

Duncan Leighton | 15 Mar 2023

With PB Challenge Week ahead of us next week, it's a good time to think about what ‘Personal Best’ actually means to us. Often we skip to the second half and only think of ‘best’ - who’s the best? When will I be the best? How can I be better? Those of you that regularly ride with me know I’m a Competitive Colin, and let’s be fair - that mindset can do wonders for giving you drive when you need a push to the finish line. The flip-side of this however, is constant comparison, guilt and feelings of inadequacy even when you’ve done the absolute most - and that’s enough to make anyone tired before they’ve even got onto the saddle. Let’s keep it personal, and think about what’s best for you.

Maybe your personal best is showing up for one ride a week (I’ll see you on Saturday for Summit, in that case), or maybe it’s remembering to stretch after you’ve tanked your legs on the bike. Maybe you’ve managed to get through a 30 min session without allowing your thoughts to be interrupted by drafted emails or sorting the washing out, or perhaps this week you’ll finish a workout and finally be happy that you did something good for your body, rather than fuming that you didn’t beat Blair from Tewksbury again.

We’re not Olympians here (most of us), so Personal Best doesn’t need to mean Personal Best Ever. You might not be the fittest you’ve ever been, the fastest, the strongest - though I’m happy to get you there if that’s realistic for you. Set a timeframe that works for your mindset right now. Heading for your Personal Best of This Month? Awesome - try some rides and focus on your technique, your stamina, your mindset, and then go for gold in one of our PB rides next week and let it all come together for you. Going for Personal Best of This Week? Great - go for beast mode in a couple of rides and see which playlist sparks that fire that takes you to max heart rate and your most points of the week whilst belting out some Bonnie Tyler. Going for Personal Best of Today? Fantastic - make some time to get on the bike and be happy that you’ve moved your body and cleared your mind. If I can encourage you to do a bit more in the time we have together on the bike and fill you with even more endorphins than usual, then ready your pistons and let’s get going. 

Be proud of what you’ve done, whatever it may be, and maybe we can make PB stand for Proud Bikers instead. See you on the saddle!