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Bike Week - The Benefits of Cycling

Bike Week - The Benefits of Cycling

Maddy Slade | 31 May 2021

Hey Apex Riders!

It’s Bike Week, and here at Apex, that’s something we want to shout about! Cycling has so many incredible benefits for both the body and the mind. We thought this week would be the perfect opportunity for us to share some of our favourites with you in the hopes that it will inspire you to get up and get pedalling!



Muscle Growth 

Cycling helps your body build and strengthen muscle. In particular, cycling (or spinning) targets the muscles in your legs (quads, glutes and hamstrings) without over-stressing them. As well as the muscles in your legs, you also work the muscles in your lower back and upper body - you need stability on that bike and that comes from your core.  



Low Impact Cardio!

Spinning is a great low-impact, cardiovascular workout - it doesn’t pound your joints in the same way other cardio exercises might. You can also play around with the resistance on your bike and adjust it to your body’s needs at a given time. This is great as you can build it up to challenge your muscles, and also decrease that resistance when you need to give your legs a rest.




Cardiovascular exercise is so beneficial for the body; it can help to prevent high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. According to this article on Cycling Weekly, cycling can have positive effects on your immune system. It produces essential proteins and can reignite lazy white blood cells. Less sick days? Yes please!




Mood Booster

By now most of us know and have experienced the mood boosting effects of exercise. When you work out your body produces endorphins, these are those feel-good hormones that make you feel so great post workout. Cycling is one of those activities where it’s easy to set and track goals. Achieving goals provides an immense sense of satisfaction and achievement and sometimes it's those small wins that make the biggest difference. 


Brain Health

Exercise has been linked to positive brain health changes such as cognitive function and memory. Aerobic exercise in particular increases blood flow to the brain, nourishing it with nutrients and oxygen. A study held in 2013 had a group of young healthy men complete a series of tests before and after a 30 minute pedal on a stationary bike. The study observed that following their ride, they scored higher on memory, planning and reasoning and could finish the tests quicker than before exercising. Cycling literally boosts your brain power - pretty awesome right?


Allows you to connect with others




Cycling is open to all levels, you can tailor your bike to your needs and go at your own pace. Cycling is one of those sports that can be enjoyed solo or in company. Group bike rides are a great way to set up, and become part of a community. You can also ride your Apex classes alongside your friends. Race them on the leaderboard, or use them as your accountability buddy - sometimes we all need that extra motivation to get up for that 7am Live session. 



This is a sport that's easy to fit into a routine - whether you do a class on your Apex bike or cycle on your way to work. We have a variety of different class lengths and levels for YOUR needs. Whether you've got time for a 45 minute spin sesh or are looking for a 15 minute reset, we've got you covered. 



So what are you waiting for? Get on your bikes and get moving Apex Team!