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Behind the Scenes of our Summer Strength Filming Sessions with Duncan

Behind the Scenes of our Summer Strength Filming Sessions with Duncan

Maddy Slade | 27 Jul 2022

We  caught up with Duncan as he got put through his paces in the heat by both Emma and LJ in the studio for our new Summer Strength Duo workouts.



How’s it going so far?

  • I’m 3 sessions down and I’ve got 3 to go. I’ve no idea why I thought filming them all in this heat would be a good idea! Emma has fully taken the opportunity to beat me up though, I haven’t seen her so delighted since the last time she put me through a training session in the park last summer.

How did you come up with the idea for these Summer Duos, and what’s the vibe?

  • We started the Duo Rides last year with Jack & Emma’s Pride Ride, they are very popular with riders and all the instructors love the opportunity to get to play on set with their mates. I’ve been wanting to transfer that vibe into Duo Strength for a while, and when we were planning them it seemed like a fun idea to make me the audience surrogate and let me and the folks at home follow the expertise of some of our Strength specialists together.



Just maybe in the future don’t try and do all of them in one day?

  • Ha ha definitely not! I am a simple human man, but I must have been feeling my Wolverine fantasy when I put this schedule together. Luckily I can keep myself in one piece, even though some of these workouts can be pretty brutal

What do some of the workouts involve?

  • I wanted us to put some sessions together that can be done when you’re away from any equipment you have at home - take these to the park, to the balcony when you’re on holiday, or wherever you want a good beasting. Emma’s workouts add extra weight for extra difficulty via water bottles or whatever you have to hand, and LJ’s are totally free of any equipment at all. We have full body, upper body and lower body breakdowns and we include simplified versions of most of the exercises if you need to ease the difficulty - I’ve already spoken to LJ and asked her if she’ll chuck me some of the easy ones during filming this afternoon!

Any tips on keeping motivated when it’s hot out?

  • Generally summer is a great time for exercise, but just expecting it to happen won’t make it so - if you’re anything like me, my social schedule can interrupt my routine pretty easily. I tend to stick to short early morning rides when I’m on the bike, then end with a run or stretch session outside. If I absolutely know that it’s not going to be 28 degrees by the end of the day I’ll try a very chill and lovely sunset workout somewhere green while we have the rare opportunity in London! If all else fails, a little kayak expedition down the canal with a picnic counts right? I don’t expect an insane amount from myself in June and July, and then every workout doesn’t feel like an extra burden in the heat. I tend to start to ramp up back into competition mode from mid-August.



What other sporting achievements are you gearing up for this year?

  • Let’s just say you might see me back racing in a rowing boat on the Thames before the year is out.

How about here at Apex?

  • Hill Week was a huge success, so the wheels are turning for an Autumn version already - I might add a few extra twists and turns for the second iteration as well. There’s plenty more tricks up my sleeve but I’ll save those goodies for when they’re ready.

It looks like you’re needed on set - I’ll let you go and get ready.

  • Thanks! Pray for me on my cycle home later today!


 Check out our new Duo Strength Summer Series now on the app and let's get moving A-Team!