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Inside Apex: After Dark Rides Explained

Inside Apex: After Dark Rides Explained

Maddy Slade | 27 May 2021

At Apex we're always trying to push the boundaries when it comes to what our riders experience on the bike. Our most recent development here at Apex HQ is Duncan’s newly designed After Dark Rides. These classes have been created for our riders as a way to forget about the outside world for a moment. It's time to get back into your body, and back to you.




Exercise for the Body and Mind

Clip into your bike and let go of what’s happened before and what’s going to come after - let these After Dark sessions be your time. Take from them what you need - whether it’s energy, to decompress your day or week, or simply to get back to the present and back to your body - it’s your time to reset. 



What to Expect

These sessions take place in a candlelit studio, there’s no choreography and minimal distractions here - it’s you, the bike, and the beat. You’ll still be working up a sweat, but you’ll feel more connected to the bike - think heavy hill climbs that challenge and let you flush out whatever you're holding that no longer serves you.

We can’t wait to see you there!