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10 ways to reset and de-stress this Wellbeing Week

10 ways to reset and de-stress this Wellbeing Week

Maddy Slade | 21 Jun 2021

This year’s Wellbeing Week runs from 21-30 June and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share our favourite ways to reset and de-stress. We’ve created 10 tips for 10 days. 

Each day show up for yourself and try one our de-stress hacks - you’ll come out of this week feeling reset and ready to take on whatever lies ahead...


1. Digital Detox



Technology is great, we’re not disputing that. Our phones keep us up to date and connected to one another. However, they do also take us away from ourselves and away from the present moment. By reducing our screen time we can bring ourselves back to the here and now. Social media often causes us to fall into that pesky comparison tramp, we can’t help but think the grass is always greener when we’re constantly looking at other people’s highlight reels.

This Wellbeing Week we’re challenging you to a digital detox - commit to one whole day away from social media, maybe even your phone entirely. You’ll come out of it with more clarity and a new sense of perspective. If a whole day seems too daunting for you, why not commit to waiting till noon to have your first Instagram scroll of the day? That way your brain has had time to wake up and be effective in the tasks it needs to get done before you let in the digital world.


2. Cold Showers!



Ok, hear us out on this one...Cold showers are becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason! Although they might sound incredibly unappealing at first, they have been shown to reduce stress levels and help your body to handle stress more effectively. You don’t have to spend the whole time under icy cold water, just commit the final 30 seconds of your morning shower and switch that temperature right the way down - we guarantee you’ll feel more awake for it!

If you practice this regularly, your body will gradually begin to strengthen its reaction to stress and will be able to handle it more effectively. The cold water will cause you to breathe deeper, which will, in turn, decrease the CO2 in your body and increase your white blood cell count - boosting your immunity.

We’re encouraging you to take on a cold shower this week. It’ll be much easier to make this one a habit during the summer months - you may actually find it quite refreshing! 


  • 3. Be Selfish - Cancel a plan 


    With life suddenly going from 0-100 post lockdown you might be feeling bit feeling a bit overtired or even burnt out. We often feel like we have to say yes to everything and go that extra mile, even if we know deep down we really don’t want, or need, to show up every single time. When we do things we know we really don’t want to we can end up resenting those involved, and, ourselves. Saying no is ok and important. 

    Take a look at your calendar, perhaps there are one or two events on there you’ve RVSP’d yes to because you felt you should, but when you’re honest with yourself you’d much rather not attend. This week we’re giving you the OK to be a bit selfish and cancel one of those ‘ought to’ plans. Notice how you feel once you’ve simply said no to it. 

    We’re not encouraging you to be a bad friend or an uncaring person - but it is important to check in with yourself once in a while and put YOU first. 

    4. Exercise 

  • Obviously! Here at Apex, we’re big believers in the wonders movement does for your overall wellbeing. When you exercise you are doing something good for you - it’s that simple. You are taking the time and putting in the work to better yourself and look after your overall health - both physical and mental. 

    Exercise produces endorphins - often described as ‘feel-good’ hormones because they boost happiness and reduce stress levels. Exercise is so good for the body - our bodies are meant to move! When we are inactive for long periods of time a lot of tension and emotion can get trapped in the body. Even just doing 15 minutes of exercise can do wonders and shift your state from mediocre to absolutely fabulous.

    Today carve out some time for yourself and do whatever form of movement you want to do - just get up and get moving! If you want more info on this juicy topic head on over to our blog post on Why We Workout.


    5. Big yourself up 



    In today’s culture, we often think it’s boastful to celebrate our own achievements and feel proud of where we are in life. We’re here to tell you there’s no shame in reflecting on your achievements - it can help you feel grateful for yourself, and those around you. When you celebrate your achievements you’re giving yourself even more fuel to grow. 

    Take a moment today to look back and see how far you’ve come. This year has been one of the most crazy and challenging we’ve ever known. Think about where you were a year ago and where you are today, what have you achieved? Even if nothing material comes to mind, we can assure you it takes a lot of inner strength to get through three lockdowns and a pandemic - that’s pretty big stuff and you should celebrate that. Reward yourself and celebrate! It will likely leave you feeling more motivated and inspired to continue moving forward.


    6. Time with Nature!


  • This one shouldn’t be too difficult to persuade you on now we’re finally being graced with some sunshine! Let’s get outside and enjoy that glorious Vitamin D. Getting outside does wonders for both our mental and physcial wellbeing. When we are feeling a bit overwhelmed, nature can bring back a sense of presence and help one regain perspective in stressful situations. It’s also helpful as it gets you out of your head and into a new surrounding. 

    You know what they say - nature is the best medicine. 

    This week, commit to spend more time outdoors - make the conscious effort to get outside during your lunch break or go for that post dinner stroll one evening. Really check in with your senses - what can you hear? what can you smell…? 

    Why not get yourself a new plant? Look after it and watch it grow. Plants are a real Apex favourite - these bad boys help reduce CO2 in the air and according to this study from the University of Technology in Sydney, they also have a significant effect on stress levels in the workplace. Needless to say - our office is full of them!


    7. Breathe

  • We love breathwork because it’s so adaptable - just like us. Breathwork can literally be done anywhere and is completely free, no one even has to know you’re doing it! When we are stressed we often slip into the sympathetic nervous system - this is our body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. This ‘fight or flight’ was useful back in the day when we had to face real life-threatening situations, but in today’s stresses we would do better to respond in a calm and considered way - breathing can help you pause before you react. Even just a few rounds of mindful breathing can help shift us out of a panic state, slow everything down and get us out of our heads and into our bodies.

    This week, why not commit to practising some mindful breathing, even just 5 minutes. Ideally, your exhale should be longer than your inhale - this activates your parasympathetic nervous system, signalling to our body’s that we are safe. By breathing slowly and with intention we can slow down our heart rate whilst lowering blood pressure - this done regularly can help improve overall wellbeing and immunity. 


    8. Try something new! 



    Doing something simply for the fun of it can sometimes feel like a bit of a luxury in today’s non-stop world. However, if lockdown taught us anything it’s that ife is too short not to be enjoyed. When you are so emersed in something you enjoy - you know, when you lose track of time and the rest of the world seems to disappear - that’s when you reach a state of flow. These states of flow are incredibly beneficial for us and can help reduce stress and increase positivity. 

    This week we invite you to carve out some time and do something because it’s fun, not because you have to. If you can’t think of something you absolutely love - why not try something new? Try taking up a new skill perhaps. Over at Apex HQ we’ve got all sorts of hobbies being rediscovered...Think Musical Theatre and kayaking... the skies the limit - find what YOU love to do! 


    9. Treat Yo-self

  • Take the time and give back to yourself for a change. When you treat yourself you are acting out of self-compassion,  this is so important for our mental health. Now we’re not telling you to blow the bank, but this week why not spontaneously treat yourself to something small? Maybe get some flowers on your way home, book in a massage or give yourself an at home facial - Whatever would make YOU feel that extra bit special this week we’re giving you permission (not that you need any) to treat yourself.


    10. Let your hair down!



    Sometimes we try so hard to do everything absolutely perfectly, we forget that it’s also ok to just be - and it’s also human to mess up. Try embracing failure, know that things are happening just as they should be. When you realise this you can let go a little and start to remember life is there to be enjoyed! It’s ok to let loose once in a while!

    So our final tip for Wellbeing Week is to let go. Go for that fun dinner with a friend, skip that 7am ride class one day if you simply don’t feel like it. Just give yourself a break! That way when you do get back on the bike you’ll be fired up and ready - excited to face your next challenge.