Welcome to feel-good fitness.

We are a British company shaking up the smart bike industry, which we think has become too elitist, expensive and inaccessible.
So we created Apex to not just get more people on the bike, but keep them on it.

We're democratising smart bikes so that more people can experience awesome workouts from home.
We're doing this by offering a high-quality bike that's premium but still great value, and affordable access to carefully curated online classes via our app.

Values we live by

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We really understand the high after you’ve completed an exhausting class.
That rush, that joy, that smile – that’s how it feels to interact with us from the very beginning. We’re optimists, we like to have fun, and we want you to enjoy yourself.


We’re here for everybody.
So we show exactly that: we’re welcoming, open, curious, never exclusive or elitist.
We’re clear in what we say so that everyone can understand us, and we make it easy to interact with us.

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We’re clever and we’re not hiding it.
We don’t need to be in your face about it, but all the technology that we’ve packed into our workouts is pretty amazing. So we show we’re smart without being arrogant, giving our customers the confidence that our tech is premium at great value.



Bike £1200


Bikes from £1990