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Ben Apex Rides Laughing

Q&A With Your New Apex Pilates Master - Ben!

Duncan Leighton | 10 Mar 2022

Hey A-Team! While Maddy is sunning herself on the beach in Mexico, I've stolen the blog to throw some questions at Ben as we prepare for the release of his first Pilates Flow series next week:

Duncan: Ben! My favourite pocket rocket - how’s 2022 kicked off for you so far?

Ben: Really solid, happy to be whacking out a juicy Metric Ride every Wednesday morning, especially now the sun is up before I hop onto the bike.

D: For those that don't know already - you’re planning a wedding! How's it going?

B: Yes I am, it’s stressful not having my own J Lo Wedding Planner to help me out!

D: Four Apex weddings on the cards - you, Hinchy, Alex and now Francesca as well! Congratulations. Seems like Apex could be the special sauce?

B: Yes it’s the absolute hot sauce. You next?

D: We’ll see... Hinchy takes the cake for proposing during a live Apex Ride though, not sure I could top that. Tell us a bit about your pilates series coming out on 14th March.

B: I’ve put together some really exciting, dynamic classes that by the end cover all 34 classical moves, whilst keeping a nice level of intensity.

D: For those unfamiliar with pilates, describe it as simply as you can.

B: It's a system of repetitive exercises designed to increase strength, stability and flexibility, perfect for pretty much anyone.

D: What do you think is the best part of this upcoming Pilates Flow series?

B: I'm looking forward to every member of the Apex family welcoming pilates into their living rooms, as it’s the perfect complement to your bike workouts. Pre-ride you can engage your form, post-ride you can re-lengthen your muscles and settle your breathing, or take the sessions by themselves any time.

D: What else do you have coming up on the Apex App?

B: I’ve recorded some shorter pilates sessions which we will soon start releasing weekly. These pack a punch and act as a nice reset for your body and mind, all in 20 minutes.

D: What’s in your upcoming Wednesday Hustle playlist?

B: Gwen Stefani, Eve, Ray Blk - an absolute power trifecta to ride to.

D: Any final words of wisdom?

B: Watch Euphoria.

Ben's Pilates Flow series will be released onto the Apex app on Monday 14th March, and you can ride Live with him every Wednesday morning at 7am.

Duncan x